You Are What You Eat!

Pizza DoughImagine this: a plate of pizza dough sitting next to a plate of salad. The dough, a heavy, gooey blob of white flour, posing on the plate like Jabba the Hut. Kind of gross, huh? Imagine breaking off a piece, then another, and another, baking them so they’re edible, then popping them in your mouth. Ummm, the doughy, rich goodness, the yeasty flavor… makes you want to eat the whole blob. And you do.

How do you feel?
Probably like our boy Jabba, right? That dough, even baked, now sits in your gut, the blob resting like a bowling ball in your stomach. Time for a digestive aid!

Now imagine taking a bite of that dark, leafy green salad. It’s light, airy, crunchy, and tasty. With fresh garden-picked vegetables sliced paper thin scattered amongst the arugula and romaine, each bite tastes different. The taste of summer explodes in your mouth! Before you realize it, the plate is empty.

How do you feel?
Like you want to take a nap because you’re so heavy and bloated? Or do you feel energized, ready to get outdoors and do something?


Fresh garden vegetables

All this to say you ARE what you eat. You FEEL what you eat. Food = energy, and the better the food, the more energy you will have to do what you have to throughout the day. So think about this next time you reach for that bread or third slice of pizza. Maybe it’s time to think green!