WHY do we exercise? Everyone wants to feel better, but beyond that, a lot depends on how old you are. When we’re young, we want to look good in a skimpy bikini, or have big guns. As we grow older, our priorities change. I’m a BIG proponent of what’s called “Functional Fitness”. Meaning, the exercises I do, and have my clients do, aid in day-to-day functions. This couldn’t be any more important than this winter.

If you experienced the Blizzard of 2016, chances are you had to shovel yourself out of 30+ inches of snow. Training from a Functional Fitness perspective, assuming you followed basic shoveling guidelines, you were less sore, and less likely to suffer injuries. THAT’S why we exercise, in my opinion. To make hard work a little easier. If you are sore or injured, I have the knowledge and tools to help you feel better. Contact me lindaking55@verizon.net or 215-534-9969… And let’s hope our winter is done!