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Set Up For Success ~ Your Personal Wellness Mentor

  • Linda KingYou’ve given up any hope of fitting into clothes from five years ago, or even one year ago
  • You’ve come to the sad realization that you’ll never, ever feel good about yourself, ever again
  • You’ve tried every diet out there and have more exercise videos than most stores
  • You’ve accepted the fact that pain is now part of your daily existence
  • There are more pills in your cabinets than anything else
  • You don’t take trips anymore because of the fear that you won’t fit in the seats of an airplane or restaurant
  • The floors are littered because the effort to pick things up is too great

If any of these scenarios are you, than this program is for you!

Who PWM is for: Anyone wanting to improve their well-being and add more joy to your life. If, for whatever reason, you’re overweight or out of shape.

Purpose: To create and reinforce better food choices.

To help you create new patterns and approaches to food throughout the day for healthy living.

Will you lose weight? Between changing your eating habits and moving more, you will probably drop pounds. How much depends on many factors that we will go into during the program.

What PWM will do: This program will re-pattern the unhealthy habits that developed over the years leading up to your current condition. It will create new habits, setting you up for success!

With my guidance, and the support of others in this exclusive group, you won’t be taking this trip alone!

This is your first step to getting control back in your life and to feeling better!

Go HERE for an example of what one week on the program looks like.

Learn to

  • make smart purchases at the grocery store
  • ‘buy this, not that’ comparisons
  • create fun new meals with your meal plans
  • build a library of healthy resources
  • do one new movement pattern (exercise) each month
  • new seasonal exercises
  • choose wisely from restaurant menus

Program Notes

I am your guide through the crazed maze of nutrition and movement. In addition to daily check-ins from me (DIAMOND MEMBERS ONLY), you will be an exclusive member of a private “club” with other members.

With your unique Facebook login and password, you can share, complain, inspire, congratulate, and encourage one another.

There will be additional benefits for program members only. You will have special access to videos, recipes that I’ve assembled, tons of tips, and more!

Two ways to join

Month-to-month program

  • Participate in the private Facebook group
  • May leave after the first month, no questions asked
  • Can re-join at the start of any month at the original price
  • Receive the same benefits as GOLD Members
  • Program starts May 1, 2015
  • $499 per month, payable on the 1st of the month


Be in this for the long haul with the 6 month program and save $$$ (details below)

6 month program (May – October)

DIAMOND MEMBERS ONLY receive daily check-ins by our qualitied staff via personal email or private FB messages, 10-15 min sessions). At the end of the day, we discuss your day’s activities, challenges, and how to move forward.

Limited enrollment (to maintain high level of individual attention)


  • Menu plans
  • Movement plans to improve overall mobility
  • Option to upgrade to quality whole-food meal replacement shakes and/or videos (for which you will receive additional mentoring by our friendly staff)

Referrals – if you refer someone and they sign up before the start date, you BOTH get 10% off the total package price! (Installments will be re-calculated accordingly. Good for the 6 month program only)

Program starts May 1, 2015       6 month program

Two levels of participation:

  • GOLD: Member of private Facebook Group
  • DIAMOND: Above + daily one-on-one contact with me

6 month, $15 a day = $2700 (DIAMOND)

6 month, $7 a day = $1260 (GOLD) (can bump up anytime)

Deposit: $500 (due by April 25, 2015. Non-refundable)

Balance: payable all at once, due May 1, 2015

Can’t shell out the dough in one big chunk? No problem! Here are two payment options to consider:

DIAMOND 6 monthly installments of $367 (+ $500 non-refundable deposit)


8 monthly installments of $220 with non-refundable $1000 deposit

GOLD 6 monthly installments of $135 (+ $500 deposit)

Payments will be automatically deducted from your credit card on the 15th of each month.

Do you want to believe in yourself again? With my help, you will!

Sign up today! Next program won’t start until November!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me by calling 215-534-9969 or fill in the form below.

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