Personal Training

Whether your gym is in a garage, back room or basement, we'll find the space to get your sweat on!

Whether your gym is in a garage, back room or basement, we’ll find the space to get your sweat on!

At The National Personal Training Institute, where I received my diploma for PT, I learned about anatomy, physiology, joint movement, nutrition, injury cause and prevention, and so much more. I am a fitness professional.

I help you set goals and motivate you. That’s easy when you are motivated, but those days when you’re tired, and don’t want to get out of bed, those are the days I really help get you through the slump. Just knowing I’m knocking at your door, and that I don’t allow excuses is often enough to get you moving again.

Our first meeting is spent getting to know one another a little, to make sure we’re a good “fit”. Also, in that session I assess your strengths, weakness, and general movement capabilities. We also do a light workout, just to get you moving.

I am your personal coach, overseeing your progress as you move toward your ultimate goals. And these are goals you set for yourself. For some people, simply getting up off the sofa is a goal. For others, living pain-free is their ideal. And others, it’s to win a Tough Mudder competition.

So when you get tired of paying for a gym membership that you never use, and you’re ready to make some changes, contact me and we’ll get you started to live your best life.

Here are the services I offer:

  • Private training
  • Partner training
  • Small group training
  • Group classes
  • Nutrition consulting
  • Injury prevention
  • Pain easement
  • Athletic and sport specific training

Here’s how we’ll get you where you want to be:

  • Muscle Symmetry & Strengthening
  • Endurance & Stamina Training
  • Aerobic & Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Functional Fitness
  • Balance & Agility Training
  • Dynamic Flexibility Training