Moving for Living

Moving for Living

Moving for Living

What the heck does that mean?!? In the fitness world, we call it

Functional Movement

In essence, the movement patterns you develop on any given day are considered functional movement. When you bend down to pick up the dog’s dish, when you reach to put a plate in the cabinet, when you get in and out of your car, you are functionally moving. It’s a simple principle, really, and one that only now is being embraced in the fitness world.

We are all unique. How you perform those activities I mentioned above look different than anyone else. You’ve developed movement patterns from a very early age; if the movement screws up a joint (a knee, for example), your body compensates, to protect itself from injury. Quite amazing, really, because you’re most likely unaware of that compensation. But over time, that compensation turns into a liability.

Remember that old song-

“Shin bone connected to the knee bone. Knee bone connected to the hip bone…”?

When our body compensates for a poor movement, over time, other parts of our body adjust. After time, the hip starts jutting out, then the spine has to compensate, then the back muscles, then the neck.

So the final straw, when you bend to pick up Fido’s empty bowl,


You hear and feel something that shouldn’t be. You think it came out of nowhere, but in reality, it’s what we call “sudden chronic pain”. It took a long time to develop that weakness before that pain emerged with bending down to get the bowl.

This is where Functional Movement comes in. I work with you to re-teach your body how to perform the simplest of functions.

Yes, even walking.

You should see results from this technique very quickly, within days or weeks. We don’t work with weights, at least not right away. Remember, it took years to develop that overly compensating body of yours, and it will take a while to re-teach it basic movement. But it can be done.

Let’s schedule a session, take a look at your basic movement patterns, assess your strong and weak areas, and develop a game plan so you can start moving and grooving like you did years ago!