Measuring cups and spoonsDo you pour salad dressings right out of the bottle onto your salad? Check the label to see what a serving size is. It’s usually 1 or 2 tablespoons. Now, actually measure that amount out and pour onto your salad. Whoa! Do you see the difference? I bet you didn’t realize how little a serving is, did you?

Measure ALL your portions, at least until you are comfortable with what a serving size actually   should look like. Did you know a typical portion of ice cream is ½ cup? Measure that out and put in the bowl you usually use for ice cream. See how little it looks?

Nutritional information of food labels is almost always for ONE portion. If you load your plate of  bowl without measuring, chances are you’re eating double, even triple the amount suggested for one portion. This also means that the calories, sodium, sugars, and all the other nutritional      data listed have to be doubled or tripled. So that salad dressing goes from 70 calories to over 200!

Little changes in portions add up, meal by meal, day by day.