Buffet Dining!

Dinner buffetWho doesn’t like a good buffet? There are no shortages of “All You Can Eat $9.95” meals.

  • First tip: don’t go to a buffet starving. Treat the buffet like just another meal, rather than your LAST meal. Grab a smaller plate, and fill that first with proteins and vegetables.
  • Second tip: eat slowly. This is true of any meal, but especially at the buffet table, since you can return again and again and again. It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain, “yo there, I’m full up. So you can stop now”.
  • Third tip: park your behind far, far away from the buffet line. And preferably with your back to it. The visual stimulation of seeing the food makes you want more. So remove that visual and focus on what’s in front of you at your table.