Thai Yoga & Trigger Point Technique


What is Thai Assisted Yoga?

  • Nuad Borarn Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork is a unique approach to deepening movements and stretching.
  • You start in a grounded, peaceful prone position, centering your breath and finding harmony within.
  • As a passive participant, perhaps the hardest thing to do it to let go of stress
  • Sessions last from 1 ½ – 2 hours, allowing for a deeper release of both physical and mental congestions
  • Typically performed on the floor using thick pads for the body’s support and comfort
  • The practitioner will use his or her own bodyweight and body mechanics
  • The receiver may start in a prone position, then will move into supine and side-lying, even seated
  • In a Vedic Thai Massage-Assisted Yoga session the receiver wears loose-fitting or stretchy clothing that the body to move. No oils are needed
  • The techniques used work far beneath the surface of the body, effecting the deeper layers of the muscles and skeleton
  • Sessions are routinely modified to include sensitivities addressing acute and chronic conditions, including: herniated disks, subluxations, muscle strain, joint replacements, surgeries, and pregnancy


If you’ve ever received a massage, and the therapist finds ‘that spot’ that sends you through the roof, you’ve just experienced a trigger point. We have them throughout our bodies. They appear through the simple act of living. Everyone has them throughout their bodies.

I think of them as little areas of congestion. Or knots. These knots end up tightening the muscle tissue around them, and that in turns pulls your joints out of whack. Stretching does nothing to eliminate those knots. That’s where TPT enters the picture.

TPT is a unique technique that utilizes small balls and rollers of various density. By placing these tools near joints, and using a movement pattern for that area, those knots start to break up, thus releasing their grip on the surrounding muscles.

TPT is a self-massage technique. I will guide you through the process step-by-step

TPT has seen remarkable results with everyone from professional athletes to the infirm and aged

The results are immediate

Private sessions range from 1-2 hours


  • Vedic Thai Yoga $125* per session
  • Trigger Point Technique $95/hr *

*Additional cost for travel over 25 minutes from New Hope, PA.