Private Cooking & Consultation

Fitness Chef Linda says do not panic

Fitness Chef Linda says do not panic

You can become the Master of the Mixer, the Rambo of your Range, the Queen or King of the Cuisinart!

If your idea of cooking involves opening a box, can, or bag, this option is for you! Learn how to select and prepare just the right foods for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Too busy to cook? Learn how to plan ahead, what foods work well to freeze, and how to store prepared meals.
  • Do you have fussy eaters in your house? Learn how to make meals that even the pickiest family member will love!
  • With private, one-on-one lessons, you will learn knife skills, sauté techniques, and so much more!
  • Think of this as your Personal Trainer for the kitchen! You will do the work under the expert eye of Fitness Chef Linda. Go from a no-star cook to a 5-star gastronomic whiz!

If you need to prepare a meal for more than just your family, Fitness Chef Linda will guide and help you through the process. If you need wine pairing, she will assist with that as well.

  • Themes ~ planning a luau, kids party, dim sum or country-centric get-together? I can help you tailor your theme and advise on menu ideas. I can help with the prep and execution of the entire meal
  • “My husband invited his parents/boss/poker buddies over! What do I do??” Chef Linda will be your meal mentor, and assist with menu selection, shopping, prep and execution.

Prices start at $95 for one hour. $100 deposit required

Food costs and shopping trips extra