The ReD

The ReD

A unique, new device that bridges the gap from the physical therapist to the gym.

Designed for use in the comfort and privacy of your home, The ReD will…

  • help you increase your range of motion
  • slowly and safely build back muscle
  • increase the stability in your joints
  • you will be able to work with rotation, flexion, extension
  • you will be able to change the intensity and height
  • you can focus on upper body AND lower body

What an odd spelling! What does it mean?

The ReD is short for The Rehabilitation Device.

And no, it’s not red!

Why can’t I see it?

The ReD is in its beta testing phase currently. It should be available by the end of 2015.

What will it cost?

It will be less expensive than big, commercial rehab units, and it will be portable! So you can roll it from one room to another. Cost tbd, but be patient.