Fitness Chef

About Fitness Chef Linda



Like many chefs, I started cooking when I was a wee lass, learning basic cooking skills at my mother’s side. Especially at the holidays, when the men were in the other room doing whatever men did back then, the women would work in the kitchen, moving around each other like a precisely timed Swiss watch. It was in that environment I learned how to make gravy from a roux, how to make oyster stew (a Pacific Northwest specialty and something I’ve never liked!), and I learned that the kitchen is a place of warmth and wonder.

It is my goal to bring that same sense of wonder to your kitchen, and help you embrace all that good food can be, by your own hands.

As a personal trainer and certified nutritional counsellor, eating well not only is my lifestyle, it’s my passion. It is remarkably easy to create meals that are filling, yummy, and healthy. The key is knowing what to replace, eliminate, add, and enhance.

This is why I became a Certified Personal Fitness Chef. Knowing proteins, carbs and fats is a good thing, but knowing the best way to combine those into something your family will love, well, that takes extra knowledge. Now I can share my knowledge and love of good food with you!