Cooking Demonstrations

In today’s busy world, perhaps you simply don’t have the time to shop, prep and prepare full meals for your family. Fitness Chef Linda will show you how it’s done!

  • You will sit back, watch, perhaps sip wine, ask questions, take notes on the included recipes, and then you and your family will enjoy the completed meal.

Fitness Chef Linda recommends having storage containers on hand for leftovers, because part of the joy of eating well is eating well the next day at the office or on the road. Many dishes taste even better the next day because all the spices and other ingredients have had the chance to blend overnight.

  • You will not only enjoy a delicious meal, Fitness Chef Linda will leave you the recipes (or send them to you for your tablet or phone)
  • It is recommended that these meals be simple, minimal ingredients (no more than 5), easy and quick to prepare.

Prices range from $225-345 for two hours (includes prep and clean-up. Food is extra.)

$150 deposit required

How is this different from what other private chefs do? Our services are different in a couple of ways ~

  • You, the host, are an active participant. The goal is for you to become self-sufficient and comfortable preparing your own meals. You are in the kitchen with Chef Linda, and if you’d like, you can grab a knife and help dice and slice! (But that’s totally optional)
  • We focus on health and wellness. You won’t see any deep frying, or excessive use of butter, sugar, salt or any other ingredient and technique that can turn a healthy meal into a heart attack.
  • Fitness Chef Linda comes to your home and prepares the meals in your kitchen, not an outside commercial kitchen.
  • We use your pots and pans, since the ultimate purpose is for you to re-create these meals on your own, and using someone else’s pans can make a huge difference in the outcome.
  • No extra charge for special requests or needs (unless the item is more expensive than typical food costs (ie, lobster).

How do I pay you? The deposit is due one week prior to your event/class. The balance is due the day of the event, prior to lighting the first flame on the range. Checks payable to Linda King.

How long are the sessions? That will vary, depending on the menu. Plan on at least 2 hours.