Cooking Classes

Sometimes it’s easier to follow a recipe “live” than reading it out of a book. Cooking classes are tailored to your specific needs. Below are just a few possibilities to consider.

  • “Chopped @ Home” cooking contest supervised by Fitness Chef Linda. A great way to expand your healthy culinary horizons and have some fun with friends!
  • Don’t want the pressure of competition? Let’s have some fun in the kitchen with a group of your BFF’s or BMF’s and create dishes from an assortment of ingredients. Everyone brings one ingredient which serves as our inspiration to make culinary magic! Emphasis is on healthy meals.
  • Special Needs Class~ who doesn’t want to cut back on salt and even sugar? Try a class that takes this challenge to task, and learn how to make great meals with more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.


What you need to know:

  • Host provides pots, pans, serving tools, knives and cutting boards.
  • Chef Linda will also bring tools and equipment
  • Please provide take-home containers for all participants.
  • Fitness Chef Linda will provide unusual spices and tools (like a ricer), that the host or participants may not have.
  • Price includes one in-home consultation (1 hour max) to review menu ideas and assess the kitchen. Any online or phone consultation is free prior to the class.
  • Fitness Chef Linda will do the food shopping (preferably organic) and clean up.
  • Prices start at $350 for the evening. Minimum 3 people (including host), maximum 5 (additional $60 each).
  • Food costs are extra
  • Length of class is 2.5 hours (does not include set-up and clean up)
  • $175 deposit required